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Do you want to listen to a very funny story? It's actually a FUNNY and very STUPID story. The story starts with a person being hungry.

One day Jimmy and his two other friends who were James and Juli were hungry. So they decide to have their dinner at a cafe. At the cafe, Jimmy and his friends tried to find a place to sit, but it was too full of people. After searching all round, they manage to find a place. As they were sitting deciding what to eat at the cafe, another three of Jimmy's friends came to the cafe. They were Sean,Bean, and Jean. They approach Jimmy, James and Juli. But at the same times, Jimmy decided not to eat at the cafe but at a fast food restaurant. So James, Juli, Sean, Bean and Jean all agreed to it. (Story cut short) But Sean, Bean and Jean did not want to go cause they had things to do. So they pass their orders to Jimmy. They ordered two large sets of lambchop and 4 medium sets of chicken chop. Sean and Bean gave their money each 10 dollars and another 12 dollars. (Story cut short) Suddently Jimmy and his friends realise, they were actually very late. So at the fast food restaurant, Jimmy was in a rush. The packed food was just taken of the counter without being check. (Story cut short) Back at the starting point, Jimmy, James and Juli realise that the packed food wasn't enough. They had 4 medium of chicken chops but short of 2 sets of lambchop. So Jimmy and James were being very kind. They decided to give Sean and Bean 1 set of the chicken chop to replace the 2 sets of lambchop. (Story cut short) Sean came and take the 1 set of chicken chop. Jimmy and James had to share 1 set of chicken chop. (Story cut short) Suddently Sean message Jimmy, "Give me back my 10 dollars and Bean's 12 dollars and if you want to lie be smart". Jimmy and James were shock. Thinking to them selves, what did they do wrong? At least they were kind enough to give them that 1 set of chicken chop affraid that Sean and Bean would starve. (Story cut short) Sean message to Jimmy again, "You guys can go and die. I don't care bout anything. I'm brave because it's true". After that message, Jimmy couldn't take it. Jimmy confronted Sean and said, " What's your problem?". Sean replied, " I thought I could trust you but now I can't". Jimmy , " What's all this about ?Trust and no Trust". (Story cut short) Sean said, " STICKER, torn sticker". Jimmy was shocked to hear that word and sentence. All because of a STICKER. THE END......
Moral of the story? Don't buy anything with a sticker on it. People with just find trouble with you just because of that. Plus, choose and make friends carefully.
p.s.-A True Story....


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