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Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP)
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

So it was my 5th or 6th trip to PHOP. Somehow the food there doesn't let you down. It's always the same with no change in it's taste. This time I decide to show some of the DELICIOUS food they have. Here's some pictures of from PHOP....

A cup of Cappuccino

Hot Chocolate with marshmallows

A combination of both

Chicken sausage with potato pancakes with sour cream veges & some others

Baked beans, chicken sausages, potato pancakes & wedges, scramble eggs with sour cream & others too

So if you're looking for some great meal, drop by to PHOP. They have a few outlets. around KL The ones that I know are at MidValley, One Utama & The Curve. A must try.....

What's with the colour?

It is now 12.00 am.

B + L + U + E.


That's my colour now at this very minute. I'm feeling really not my self. The happy go lucky side ain't here. Where has it gone to? A sudden change. I just want to sleep it all away. Waking up tomorrow not remembering anything. Can tears help? Hermmm...only for a moment. Frustration with my surroundings. How long will it be? Do I have to push? Am I being too pushy?

p.s. - if only I had nothing to worry & no burdens


Date: 24 August 2009.
Time: 10.45 p.m.

Beep Beep Beep Beep

Message arrived

A very surprising message

The contents:
You have been chosen

Are you kidding me? Noway!! Are you serious? Stop playing!!

No, I'm not ready! No, I don't want! No, I've had enough!

Why! Why! Why!

p.s. - It's making me think to much now.


People look at you,
Thinking you're stealing.
People don't trust you,
Saying you're faking.
Living a life that's not yours to hold,
Like an outcast always being push aside.
Fighting the blaze that shines so bright,
Walking through the fire to forget it all.
Looking up high towards the clear blue sky,
Preventing the pain to flow from your eyes.
A brave face that's what you wear now,
Not being feared by the threats they make.
Taking a deep breath filling your lungs,
Making new hopes and having more faith.
Tonight you will walk head held high,
Moving through the rain with no fear or pain.
It's an uphill battle and you're ready to gain.


It's 1/2 hour to lunch time. But not feeling hungry yet. Also not sure what to eat. I'm so bloody bored with the food here (honestly speaking). I wish it was like lunch when I was working. Everyday I had great lunch.. LOL.. I could get sandwiches with roast duck & avocado, big chicken pies, lovely mix rice set meals, japanese unagi..huhuhu... miss those food so much... yummy...

Being crabby...

I've got a new hobby. It's crabs. Hermit crabs. Got 2 of them the other day for 5 ringgit each. The price was ok so I got them. Cute sis says they look like aliens..hhahaha

A B C = 1 2 3

The exams are back. Mostly everyone had their exams last week, but gosh, all my exams are this week. Yesterday had "Kenegaraan" exam, it was easy but why I din't read?? (Sigh...)

Hope all the best for my coming exams & also to the rest who having them too......

Only Me

So many things to do. Assignments assignments assignments. F#@k I bloody hate them.But what can I do? Nothing but to do them. Huh....sigh...
It's so complicated now. I'm angry, tired, happy & confused.

ANGRY: Is it because I'm to kind? What ever the hell people ask I will just give in. Is it because of this people like to take opportunity from me? What do you think I am? Someone you can stomp on? Get out of my face. When I lend you something, I hope you respect me and give it back on time. If I don't shout doesn't mean you can do what ever you like. When I say okay I'll send it, doesn't mean I can do it always. Am I the only one in this bloody place? I find it hard when people don't give the respect for me. I'm not asking much but just a little....

TIRED: Mentally and spiritually I'm drained to the bones. Forcing my self to wake from my dream land & return to it only when its just 4-5 hours before. How long more can my body handle this? No…