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Date: 24 August 2009.
Time: 10.45 p.m.

Beep Beep Beep Beep

Message arrived

A very surprising message

The contents:
You have been chosen

Are you kidding me? Noway!! Are you serious? Stop playing!!

No, I'm not ready! No, I don't want! No, I've had enough!

Why! Why! Why!

p.s. - It's making me think to much now.


  1. beep beep beep.
    1 message received.
    "mana suda coffee saya yg b strong itu"
    hope u got my message^^

  2. uik..i will support u la...then dont forgot me kay..heheh

    from ur supporter

  3. aira - mungkin coffee tu dah "expire" & sedap diminum lagi..

    anonymous - i'm not sure i should be supported at all. i'm too weak... (p.s. i know who u r)

  4. welcome to the new world...enjoy~ =))

  5. A.D...
    u can do that i believe in u 100%
    dont give up too early..u noe rite u can do it..

    will support 100%..

    ur supporter


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