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Only Me

So many things to do. Assignments assignments assignments. F#@k I bloody hate them.But what can I do? Nothing but to do them. Huh....sigh...
It's so complicated now. I'm angry, tired, happy & confused.

ANGRY: Is it because I'm to kind? What ever the hell people ask I will just give in. Is it because of this people like to take opportunity from me? What do you think I am? Someone you can stomp on? Get out of my face. When I lend you something, I hope you respect me and give it back on time. If I don't shout doesn't mean you can do what ever you like. When I say okay I'll send it, doesn't mean I can do it always. Am I the only one in this bloody place? I find it hard when people don't give the respect for me. I'm not asking much but just a little....

TIRED: Mentally and spiritually I'm drained to the bones. Forcing my self to wake from my dream land & return to it only when its just 4-5 hours before. How long more can my body handle this? Not sure. Luckily, it won't be long. I shall have the rest I need soon.

HAPPY: Got many new presents from my self to my self. Got a new shoe. My second Croc's shoe & third overall. Hoping & waiting for the forth one. Maybe it'll be soon. Also had a new pet. Mr. Hermit how are you? Crabby the hermit crab. Just bought it. Got 2. Had a new sling beg, shirt & cd. Hoping to get more & also a new hp might be on the way. I'm finally starting a new adventure. Been on the set of a live show being a guest & second the cameraman. It was totally fun.

CONFUSED: To like or not to like. To love or not to love. To hate or not to hate.


  1. Hey ! Don't laa so stressed up. I'm really tired too. Assignments, exams, live show. Super not enuf sleep.

    And about other people, well, we can't control how they want to react, right? But sometimes it is best to let them know bout it too.

    p/s: Life is designed to kick our asses. So don't let it!

  2. lynn lynn... luckily my stressed level is almost 10% hahaha...

    i shall kicked asses...


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