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I need them...LOL

I want all this now...Hungry for them...


Came back yesterday was fine...Last night middle of the night had running nose...This morning got up had very slight flu....After shower had very bad flu....Now my nose is running cause it's trying to run cause I'm having running nose aka flu...



Playing The Game

Playing the game right will keep you safe. That's what I'm doing most of the time. I'm always good at playing games but on this particular day, I actually failed in playing this game. I was asleep. I did not realize. I had a slip up. But luckily I've known my mistakes. I've started to take cautious steps. Playing the game that people wants you to play is never an easy game. If you make one wrong step, you are out. Warning! Stay alert! Play the game right.
p.s. - for a special someone, today you were just lucky


Was watching some dance moves video, suddenly, this video caught my attention. Love the dance moves. How nice if I could learn the steps too...

p.s. - if only i could dance like that..huahuahu

Warning..might get addicted to the "beat"

Ok..honestly speaking, I've actually, recently, just heard this song from WG (WonderGirls..LOL) around 3 weeks ago. But trust me, I really had the beat stuck in my head for days. Its so catchy and funny plus not forgetting cute too..huhuhu..So here's the video by WG with Nobody (English version). Enjoy....

p.s. - find more of Nobody on youtube. u'll be surprise...


Beyonce finally is going to hit our shores. After two years from her suppose to be concert here in Malaysia 2 years ago, she is back and ready to take on Malaysia...Her first concert here will be on Oct 25, 8 pm at Bukit Jalil. The concert is part of I tour.
I really need to get the tickets. Anyone wanna join? hahaha I wonder what will PAS do this time?...only time will tell...

p.s. - seriously, I really wanna go....hope to get the tickets soon..huhu


Look at yourself in the mirror. Is it you ? Is it someone else ? Do you see any changes ? What do you see ? Have you notice your changes ? Are you the same person since I've known you ? If you say yes, then you're wrong. You're not the person who I've knew. Wake up. Mirror yourself. Don't be influence by people who are not any better then you.

Good or Bad

I've been trying to hard to please.
I've always let people take everything.
I've never spoke my mind for long time.
I've been to caring for sometime.
I've been to much to the "left".
What if I move more to the "right".
I wonder what will it become.

Someone told me.......

Someone told me, he has a pity for me. I say why? He said I'm being used by someone else. I say are sure? I don't think so. He said why don't you look back at the things that have happened. Then I realize. I am actually sought of being used. When someones in need, to me is the place for something for their own agenda. I've never realize that until now. I've cherish my friendship so much but sometimes someone makes the worse out of it.
Someone told me, you don't need a million friends. Having the closes to you is the most important.

p.s. - friendship


Are you having this?


A.D. I need this.
A.D. I need that.
A.D. help me.
A.D. lend me.
A.D. you free.
A.D. can you do that.
A.D. follow me.
A.D. borrow this.
A.D. you be this.
A.D. you be that.
A.D. go find that.
A.D. go call them.
A.D. faster come here.
A.D. answer me.
A.D. now.
A.D. later.
A.D. go there.
A.D. where are you.
A.D. faster.
A.D. go.
A.D. come.
A.D. bye.

A.D. you can rest now...(???)

Marie Digby

Marie Digby's song are actually quite nice...I've bought her debut album long ago but still I'm not bored with her's a new song from 2nd studio album..hope you guys like it...hohoho


Sometimes I realize,
Do I get anything back from it?
It's not that I want it but, just some appreciation will do.
Maybe I'm just giving to much.
Should I stop giving?
Maybe I should.
I'm tired.