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hermmmm....a pot calling a kettle empty vessel makes the most noise....
i have learned something since i've been here. if you can't take criticisms, don't take on any job....if you can't win a war, don't start one....because you wouldn't know whats your opponents strength and capability....

So What I'm Still A Rock Star.

Some "people" think they (that people) are the one who deserve this deserve that. "That people" think we can't do this cant do that. "That people" think we are like the weak-link not able to do this to do that. "That people" think we are not capable to do anything. Whenever people ask us something about certain job, "that people" will say are you sure you can do it ? "That people" will think negative of us. Actually "that people" don't know, we are actually more capable than "that people". "That people" may have joined lots of groups and thinks they know everything but, "that people" don't know they are actually not all that great. We may not join lots of groups but, we are still able to shine in our own way. So what if we don't get what we want ? So what if we are the way we are ? So what if we maybe better than you ? So what if we are more capable than you ? We may not…

How to save?

One :
Me : Mummy can give me money?
Mum : For what? Why no more is it?
Me : No ar. Lazy to go to the bank la.
Mum : Hermmm. Nah 100.
Me : Hihihi. Thank you.
Mum : Don't spend too much la.
Me : Ok.

Two :
Me : Mummy can give me money for petrol?
Mum : I don't have la din't bring.
Liana : Errmmm. I got. Nah. 70
Me : No need so much la. 50 enough.
Liana : Nevermind la. Just take.
Me : Thank you.

Three :
Me : Mummy can give me for petrol ar?
Mum : Haiyo why so fast finish?
Me : I spend on food and petrol la. Expensive.
Dad : Why?
Mum : He needs some cash.
Dad : I spare you 100 first. Monday I bank in for you.
Me : Ok. Thank you.
Dad : Enough?
Me : Enough lo.

How do I save my money from flowing out of my wallet so fast? I really don't know what to do. Here's a rough expenditure:

Food : At least 15 bugs per day (2 meals per day)
: Snacks at least 5 bugs (sometimes)
Petrol : 20 - 30 bugs for 1 - 2 weeks once.

Something in BM

Ssh sgt ke nak beri komitmen pd 1 benda? Bila bertanya, jwp diberi "I x tau bt la", "Ish nape I kena bt", "nnt I bt", "ok ok" akhirnye, 1 benda pon x bt. Minte bt keje yg paling senang di dunia pon xle bt. Ko bkn anak raja.. Kt keje sama2 sgt nak ckp lg... Hanya 1 saje sy minte iaitu KOMITMEN!!!! tolongla...!!!

p.s.-kpd yg membaca ni kalo terasa, biarla...
p.s. - sorry my BM is very pasar-ish..hahaha....had to voice it out....

down but have to move on

Yesterday was a real blow for all. They were having very hopes of winning because I could see it in them. But, their dream did not materialize. What was the reason for it? That I do not know, and even if I knew, I would not say it. Let it be. They were so down. When I saw them, they look down down down. But in my opinion, I know they did their best and they are the best. You do not have to win a competition to be famous or remembered. All you need is to be the best of the best then people will always remember you. That is what they did yesterday. They were the best of the best. Everyone knew it, but maybe luck was not on their side. But do not worry. People will always remember. So congratulations to all!!

attitude & character

I try to help and give what you ask but why are such an ass sometimes? Although I'm not involve with anything but I still take the trouble to help and care. But why? Sometimes I really question myself, can we really be friends? I find it hard to believe. I think my real friends are those who understands me truly. For me luckily, I know who are my true friends now. Those that I can trust, those that I can share, those that I can fall to. I've been so bloody patient with every single thing that you do. I've never question you about anything. Why do you always give that attitude that you're high and mighty? If only I could actually take a mirror paste your face on it for you to reflect yourself.

You know its funny how people change. Change like the weather. You were a person which you are not know. What made you change? Is it because you've found a new home on a new planet? I think that maybe the reason. You used to be how do I say, a great friend …

Finals !!! finals are coming up next week... SHIT!!!!! my assignments are still not done YET!!! they are due next week!!..."F"....

Final dates: 26, 27, 29 do "they" set the dates?? like hell!!...2 weeks gap...gosh!!!....

ARGHHHH!!!!!! what to do? don't know man!!!....CRAZY!!!!

2 place in 1 day..

Date: October 10, 2009
First stop: The Curve
Second stop: OneU
Food at frst stop: Little Penang
Food at second stop: Otak-Otak Place
Mission #1: Spending lots of $$$ on food only.(huahua)
Mission #2: Suppose to pay for my online shopping but din't
Mission #3: Bought 2 sleeping pants at Wh OneU
Objective: To waste sometime outing although got lots to do
Effects #1: Tired legs, eyes, & everything
Effects #2: But had a great time

p.s. - I don't have much pics coz I din't take any..huahua


Ok. I'm a fan of Mariah Carey. I've just bought her new album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel. It's actually worth the money. Priced at RM36.90 (original price RM46.50/Malaysian edition RM26) from Speedy. I could say the songs are so much more better then her previous album E=MC2. The song in the album are full of R&B pop ballads contemp. Slow not to harsh. I'm loving every part of it. No regrets getting it. I would give a rating of 4/5.

No no No

I'm feeling a little weird. I'm falling ill. I must not get sick from it. I was healthy yesterday. Why am I getting sick? I think it must be from something I've seen or heard. I'm really not feeling well. I 'm getting workup. But I should not. I should not. Why am I feeling so sick? I need my medicine. I need a shot. No I can't fall ill. NO....