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attitude & character

I try to help and give what you ask but why are such an ass sometimes? Although I'm not involve with anything but I still take the trouble to help and care. But why? Sometimes I really question myself, can we really be friends? I find it hard to believe. I think my real friends are those who understands me truly. For me luckily, I know who are my true friends now. Those that I can trust, those that I can share, those that I can fall to. I've been so bloody patient with every single thing that you do. I've never question you about anything. Why do you always give that attitude that you're high and mighty? If only I could actually take a mirror paste your face on it for you to reflect yourself.

You know its funny how people change. Change like the weather. You were a person which you are not know. What made you change? Is it because you've found a new home on a new planet? I think that maybe the reason. You used to be how do I say, a great friend to me. But now, due to the new planet that you've found, you're not that great friend to me that much anymore. I can't say much. I don't want to think about it more nor less. But there's an advice that I would like to give to my dear friend. "Think & watch your step & decision. You may want happiness from it. But act maturely. Think maturely. Don't be fooled. You have happiness in your hand now. But if you're no careful, it will actually bring you the things that you might never wish for".

p.s. - having an emotional turn moil


  1. i think i know that situation...i can see that for the attitude entry....

    for the character.we just follow what he or she want to do...we as a friend just hope the changing from him/her...but why i can smell something like jealous???hahha ops sorry ad...i did not want to mention it..ngeh~~

    i always hope just the truth friend can be my friend and being a friendship base on HOnest and sincere....

    HOPE IT!!!


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