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How to save?

One :
Me : Mummy can give me money?
Mum : For what? Why no more is it?
Me : No ar. Lazy to go to the bank la.
Mum : Hermmm. Nah 100.
Me : Hihihi. Thank you.
Mum : Don't spend too much la.
Me : Ok.

Two :
Me : Mummy can give me money for petrol?
Mum : I don't have la din't bring.
Liana : Errmmm. I got. Nah. 70
Me : No need so much la. 50 enough.
Liana : Nevermind la. Just take.
Me : Thank you.

Three :
Me : Mummy can give me for petrol ar?
Mum : Haiyo why so fast finish?
Me : I spend on food and petrol la. Expensive.
Dad : Why?
Mum : He needs some cash.
Dad : I spare you 100 first. Monday I bank in for you.
Me : Ok. Thank you.
Dad : Enough?
Me : Enough lo.

How do I save my money from flowing out of my wallet so fast? I really don't know what to do. Here's a rough expenditure:

Food : At least 15 bugs per day (2 meals per day)
: Snacks at least 5 bugs (sometimes)
Petrol : 20 - 30 bugs for 1 - 2 weeks once.
Outing : 50 - 100 bugs for every outing.
Car wash : 10 bugs per wash (2 weeks once)

Gosh I really spend too much. I got to save. I've been trying thousands of way but still I can save. I need to be more discipline. No more wasting. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE.

p.s. - my dad is questioning what do i spend
my bugs to save when every
single thing is so darn


  1. bell cantik..weewiitOctober 28, 2009 at 11:06 PM

    i like this post..hohoo

  2. really? wah my fan luv this post..hahahaha

  3. bell cantik..weewiitOctober 28, 2009 at 11:27 PM byk habes duit pegi joli..auntie cut monthly allowance die..haha

  4. ade jugak fans like that.....haha


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