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So What I'm Still A Rock Star.

Some "people" think they (that people) are the one who deserve this deserve that. "That people" think we can't do this cant do that. "That people" think we are like the weak-link not able to do this to do that. "That people" think we are not capable to do anything. Whenever people ask us something about certain job, "that people" will say are you sure you can do it ? "That people" will think negative of us. Actually "that people" don't know, we are actually more capable than "that people". "That people" may have joined lots of groups and thinks they know everything but, "that people" don't know they are actually not all that great. We may not join lots of groups but, we are still able to shine in our own way. So what if we don't get what we want ? So what if we are the way we are ? So what if we maybe better than you ? So what if we are more capable than you ? We may not be as awesome as "that people" but, we still managed on our own.


p.s. - i wonder what "that people" will say ??...


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