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Are You "GAY" Enough??

Hey moi lovely blog. Finally I'm back. Miss u so much. Damn I really do miss u. If u were a human I would just hug n kiss u.

So lets get back to the topic I've written above.

Every morning I wake up and ask moi self. Would I be gay enough today? U know wit all the stuff going on here there n everywhere, sometimes I wonder how could I be gay enough? Its not as easy as it seems trying to be gay all the time. U gotta work hard for it. U got to find it most of the time. Some people ask me, "How could u be so gay today? U always look so gay". Well for me its not that easy but I try too. Being gay can really make lots of improvement to moi daily routines. I've learned this from moi friends who are all gays most of the time. So by learning I've found the benefits of it. Being gay keeps me smiling all the time and making moi job smoother. So maybe u should be more gay n not so sour. Smile always n be HAPPY always...

p.s. - the word "GAY" used here is not HOMOSEXUAL, but it carries the meaning HAPPY. (Check Oxford...) GAY a.k.a. HAPPY.
I wonder how many had other thoughts?? hahahahah


  1. ces ces..baru nak terkejut..
    i'm gay enough tomorrow bcoz my exam is over...hurayy!!

  2. Dulu, waktu sekolah rendah saya belajar gay means happy:)


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