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Making the cut

Normally i would write something that had happen on the same day, but today it won't happen. Why?. The reason ?. Nothing much or entertaining happened today. So i'm gonna talk bout yesterday. huhuhu

When home like always for lunch. (if i'm free). Then later:

Situation 1 - at home

Me - i wanna get a hair cut today. ok?
Mum - ok la. but take me to the stationary shop 1st. wanna get some paper (my mum's on a new project now "PAPERS!!!")
Me - ok. but i wanna wash my face 1st (FUSH!!!! water splashing....)
ok done lets go!
Mum - wait i wanna wash my face too...(like copy cat la...hahaha)
ok lets go!

Engine starting & seconds later........ZROOMMMM.....

Situation 2 - at the stationary shop

So we went to town. Did some paper shopping and all. Lots of paper my mum bought. Price btw 15 - 50 cents. (GOSH just for a piece of paper!!). So take3. Then pay.

Me - so many paper your buying!!. just buy the pack ones
Mum - no. i want the thick but not so thick type. (ermmm...ok but still i think its the same)
- hold this. count for me again. make sure its 10 each
Me - ok. how many colours u want?
Mum - not sure. we'll see how.

Tick tock tick tock

Mum - done. lets pay. then cut your hair (YES!!!...LOL)
Me - okies!!!..

Kaching kaching....RMXX.XX please.....
Thank u.


Situation 3 - at the salon

Me - u wanna get a cut to?
Mum - ermmm. ok la. (huhuhu)
Stylist - how u want your hair today?
Me - just cut the back & side. i wanna leave the top & front long.
Stylist - ok. no probs.

Snips snips snips snips

Stylist - ok. done.
Me - (F$%King hair is short!!) oooo...ok2 nice2..(no not ok. not nice)
Mum - lets see. nice smart. short. din't u wantes the front & top long?
Me - yes!!..but he cut it...
Mum - its ok. hair grows back
Me - but it took me so long...(sobs sobs..)
ok whatever... its already cut...

KACHING!!! RM 38 & 40 please...

The result:


My short hair style (sobs sobs)

p.s.-make sure u clearly tell your stylist what u want if not it'll be like me.
but the good thing, i look slimmer on my face...hahahh


  1. err..slimmer??ngeh ngeh..
    ok laa new ckit..wohooooooo...take this as a compliment..hahha

  2. oooo....thank least i look smart..hehehe


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