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Christmas Day..

After so long finally I get a chance to post something. All this was due to my bloody laptop giving me problems and the stupid freaking wireless connection which is a total junk. So back to my post (LOL).
Christmas as usual was boring for me. Maybe its because I don't celebrate it like I used to anymore. This new year the only place I went was my aunts house in Ampang. Not many were present because all mostly had other plans. So only a few came. Honestly it was totally boring for me. (hahaha). Maybe the only thing that was great was the food. Its because all the food that was served was cooked by 2 chefs who works at Hilton KL and one more a lecture at Taylors. They are also my cousins who are totally nice and friendly. Here are a couple of pictures I took with the first picture showing my aunts and family (part of my family) and the second ( & third ) picture are my cousins 2 pure breed dog Nugget and Exxel.

p.s.-I just can't wait for new year..huhuhu


  1. mmg cute...nugget yg besar tu...berat gila...45kg lebih siot...


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