Thursday, December 17

Christmas's in the Air!!!

Todays the 17th. Theres 7 days before Christmas. Everywhere I've gone has been in the 'Gingle' mood. Songs being played here and there, from classics to modernize songs. But for me these
days Christmas aren't like the times when I was still 12. At that time we used to have games, dance, presents, family, friends, counting down to the stroke of midnight on the 24th onto Christmas day. These days, Christmas are only celebrated with my love ones which are my family. Celebrating with my family are much more meaning full for me. Keeps us close always and forever. I'm not saying that celebrating with my aunt or cousins aren't meaning full but they don't really have the spirit I guess. Anyways, I wonder when will we celebrate this year? 06 & 07 had been at San Francisco Steak House. Last year Italiannies. Hope this year maybe some Korean food..hehehe...
Below are my parents, sis & me walking round surveying restaurants...hohoho...

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