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Ok I think I'm the latest or last to blog bout this camp. But who cares right?? (ahahha) So this camp from 18 - 24 November 2009. Thats right 7 whole days. Held at Ulu Yam forest reserved (Sg. Tua) from what I remembered.
It was the camp I've ever been so far. Meaning of adventure and fun. With all the "says" by people, I've manage to survive and succeeded plus graduated from that camp..(huhuhu)...Had lots of activities.
The 1st challenging and exciting one was called "Survivor". Can you imagine, out of nowhere, had to cook, prepare and sleep for one night only (huhuhu). Had to just sleep on the ground (wet and full of bugs especially blood sucking types). Hardly ate that night cause couldn't cook much..(fire was not all that good...hahaha).
The 2nd challenging and exciting one was called "Mobile" (I think). We've learned to read and understand the compass and bearing. So it was time to put our skills to the test. So my group was given the bearing 45 degree. So up we went the hill. A 600 meter high hill..(thats tiring)...So climbed and climbed. Made tracks from scratch. Fought through thorns (thousands....), bushes, trees, slopes, muds, stones, some water, and insects. Climbed climbed till 200 meters plus then we stopped and camp. You won't believe the place where we camped were actually surrounded by "little 4 legged forests pinks" (hahaha) traps. So middle of the night, when you're sleeping, you could hear them running, but gotta beware...
Lots of activities happened through out the days, but lazy to write much bout it. Maybe its been to long. (hahaha) so gonna stop here. But the camp was best and will be the best for me for now. Lots of things happened and lots of memories too. Plus got lots scars too. The bottom pic are my souvenirs from the camp...poor me..(hahaha)

Effects from sand flies which bit me like skin....

Stitching on my third finger on my left hand. Effect from pulling a bamboo root when I slip from a sloop. A small piece of cute chunk of meat from my finger was gone.


  1. a CHUNK was gone? OMG OUCH~! Get well soon~

  2. scared la dd..newei..get well soon..mish u dem mac!

  3. tahinah kerana berjaya menanmatkan KJR XI

  4. Paan-getting well now...almost better..huhu

    Ann-no need scared la...huhuu..miss u lots too..

    Lehe-tq...KJR the Best...

  5. takutnye tgk jari kena jahit tuh..

  6. huhu..ksianny ko AD..xpe2,buah tgn KJR..hoho~

  7. nabila: ms jahit tu lg teruk kot...blh rs..haha

    amir-xpe2...kenangan tu penting...huhuhu

  8. can ?? .. kjr punya pasal la tu


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