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Is that time of the year where we shift into a new era and this year we are to shift to the wholesome a decade era 2010. Its been 10 years in the 2000's. How fast could it get? I think it could get much faster. (ok im crapping to much now).
So what are my resolutions for my new year ? Hermm..honestly speaking although I might have them but I hardly stick to them. But who knows maybe this time I'll make it happen.
My resolutions for 2010:

Being a GOOD child to my parents

Being the best that I can in my STUDIES

Getting myself in a BETTER shape (my promise to someone)

SPENDING less on clothes & unnecessary items

Keeping my LOVED ones closer to me

Being more FRIENDLY

Saving more MONEY

Maybe FINDING someone special (but too lazy)

Well these are my resolutions but it could change anytime. Like I said, I'm not fixed to it. Anything can happen and anything can change. So just hoping for the best and all. To all my loved ones, friends and dear readers, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2010!!


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