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Whats so new? Nothings new. But a new me. Yes!! thats what I want.
Tomorrows Christmas already. So fast!!! Not sure if I'll be busy tomorrow. For now the plans are just visiting my aunts house in Ampang (near the landslide incident...scarry place..hohoho). Every year I alway visit her. Shes the best aunt..hahaha..Maybe I'll visit my cousin Fiona, thats if she does an open house. Love her house very big cossy..huhuhu..and not forgetting her golden retriever "Nugget"..cute fellow... Well thats just for the one day plan. Don't know what else to do..Thinking of taking my family out for movie (Avatar) at The Gardens, but will see how later. Maybe morning or lunch movie then night at my aunts..hermmm...(thinking to myself.......)
Anyways to all my loved ones, friends and readers, I wish all of you a

Jolly Merry Christmas!!!

Here's a video of my fav Christmas song. Enjoy it!!!

p.s.-Can't wait for new year!!..huhu..(To Bell: jangan lupa plan kita!! hahahaha)


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