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So fast....

Last Monday was the 17th anniversary my "Popo" has passed. I can still remember the time before she left. I gave my Popo a pot of fern which I've got from Ulu Yam. I planted it and nurtured it just for her. So on one Sunday I gave it to her. Then the following week, when I went to her house, she told me to take it back because she said she won't be able to take care of it and my cousins might play with it. So, I took it back. A couple of weeks later, she passed away in a peaceful way. It was a sudden shock to everyone. Maybe I might not have felt the impact at that time because I was 4 years old that time, but now I truly do. At certain times when I would see my friends or other people around me who are with their grandparents I would feel how lucky if could spend time with my grandparents too. But maybe all this are mend to be that way. Anyways I'm happy the way things are..huhuhuhu....Miss my Popo always...huhuhu


  1. b patient..i think ur popo know that her family are fine and strong down matter what~
    p.s: ur post men touchkan aku..

  2. thank u..huhu...
    touching ke? huhu...


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