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Ok. The exam week is back ad its starting this week from Monday till Wednesday. I freaking bloody hate exams.. Arghhh!!!..Shit (oppss sorry ) Why must there be exams? Who knows why. Just hate it. Don't have the exam mood yet..hahaha...Trying to study but temptations are drawing me away from it. Gosh I got to study but I'm just not in the mood for it. How do I try not to be lazy?? Hermmm....

p.s.-i'm studying half way now..haha


Mariah's new MV for Angels Cry ft. Ne-Yo & Up Out My Face ft. Nicki Minaj is finally out. Both the songs are from her soon to be out remix album Angels Advocate. Both remixes of the song are much better then the original version. Here are the two MV for it. So sit back and enjoy.

Mariah Carey - Angels Cry ft. Ne-Yo

Mariah Carey - Up Out My Face ft. Nicki Minaj

p.s.-MV for up out my face is totally fun..wonder will both be a hit??

MV = Animal + Clinique

Was totally bored yesterday. Bored as hell although had thousands of things to do, but couldn't concentrate on any of those things. So I had a brilliant idea. Why not go "jalan-jalan". So that was what I did. Made some calls and arrangement, off I went to MV. Yesterday it was, well how do I say, full of humans at MV. Normally there ain't that much people at MV although on Saturdays but yesterday were lots. So reach just went walking and window shopping. I did get some stuff but not much. Just two items which was a perfume and a t-shirt. Isetan had a great sale but nothing interested me. So did many of the shops at MV. At MV just went walking then had my dinner at the place I always love which is PHOP. After that back to UPM. Here's some pics to share of what I bought and ate.

PHOP meal...slurpp!!

My Clinique Happy for Men..huhu

p.s.-din't shop much...
p.s.-sorry this post was suppose to be early
but had probs with the blog����…

Keep going....

I'm just counting the days to pass by. I can't wait for that day. All though I'm down but I'm still strong. I can run but I can't hide. So I'm just going to face all of it. I can make it. I can do it. So I'll just keep going....


I have had a sudden urge not to do anything except in my duties as a son to my parents and to my studies. I continued my studies here not to be a slave for some other peoples needs or wants. I'm doing this to be or maybe be the provider to my family and for my future.

I have had a sudden urge not to be the person that I was anymore as before. I want to please myself and not others. I'm getting tired of people asking for this asking for that. I think they should find and have their own initiative in doing or wanting something.

I have had a sudden urge not to bother about anything anymore. I want to enjoy my time here with my true friends who I have met here. I'm having so much with them and I don't want other things to stop that.

So if see I've changed, don't ask. Let me be. I'm tired and I'm bored of everything.

p.s.-i cant wait for my practical
p.s.-i wanna have my social life

Teddy From AD

So I'm posting something which is for sale!! It's called Teddy from AD. It's actually a teddy bear made from rubber clay and 100% HANDMADE!!. No faking bout that okay. It comes in different colour depending on availability of the clay. So far it's only teddy that are being made. One more thing, Teddy from AD is 100% HANDMADE by my brother Darren who is totally talented in arts. Here's a few pictures of the teddy. Description at the bottom. Anyone question just ask. If anyone's interested just let me know. Buy one now..huhuhu

Teddy from AD in the pics are cream white.
Its 1 inch tall.
Changes can be made to custom order.
Price starts at RM5.oo

p.s.-there's other characters in the process.
p.s.-hope u'll buy one..its totally adorable.
p.s.-it can be made into a keychain too.

Tick Tock Had A Great Fall

Time: 1.00am
Date: 15 Jan 2010
Location: My bed

Seiko was a cute little fellow. He always loves to be by me all the time rain or shine. My dad bought him for me as a birthday gift for me. He wasn't all the cheap at all being priced at RM4++. I was so happy to have him. He was my total treasure. Everyday I keep him save and sound but, that day came. I couldn't protect him anymore. He was sitting on the bed. Beside my lappy comfy and a sleep. Suddenly unnoticeable, my hand swept him off the bed and dush!!! he was on the floor. I pick him up quickly but he couldn't be saved anymore. His heart stop beating. I could hear the clicks !! and the clacks !!. He's dead. He's lifeless. The cute fellow is dead. His hands were not moving. His heart was not beating. I'm in shock. Shit what I'll do without him?. I would be timeless. Here's the pics.

In memories of my watch (Seiko) LOL!!!

p.s.-shoot so will i wear now? arghh!!


My life is truly a complicated world.
Things that I do are truly complicated to be figured out.
People I surround myself with can be complicated to understand sometimes.
Decision that I've to make are complicated and hard to produce.
Loving someone for the love is to complicated to guarantee.
Doing something for the sake of doing it brings on all the complicated problems.
Studying to achieve my dreams is just to complicated to aim and reach.
Sometimes I maybe a person who is too complicated to be understood.
But being complicated can be complicating.
But if you've been understood about your complications,
The complicated things won't be so complicating anymore.
People would understand and you won't be so complicated anymore.
From complicated to uncomplicated.

p.s.-being complicated for me is an adventure

Making a hole..LOL

I did not think that I would actually have it done, but suddenly today I had the "feeling" or "emotions" to get it done. I've been thinking bout it for sometime whether to get it done or not. After some thinking I decided to get it done. I was totally scared of getting it done, but I had it done anyway. I guess this is a new me that I'm turning into. Maybe lots of people out there might not like the new me, but you know what, I don't really care any more. I want to be myself and not someone that I have to fake all the time. So what I've done is my wish. I'm happy with it!!HUHUHU... So I'm wondering what will people say?? huhuhu

p.s.-thanks to Bell for giving me the support..hahahaha


So have you heard of VIVO American pizza & Panini ? Well I did long ago but the only problem is I did give it a try. So on one Thursday evening, me and a trio of my friends decided to have a taste at VIVO. We were at VIVO Times Square KL. The place was nice with simple modern deco and soft lighting but not that inviting (Honestly speaking). Anyway we gave it try cause the menu looks inviting. So we order some menu and drinks. We din't order pizzas cause it was to heavy for us to digest. Did we had a surprise. Honestly the food was better then good but not more then great. I'm a big fan of Western French Italian cuisine and I've tried lots of this kind of food, so far I can say VIVO is one of the good ones I've tried. The drinks were great and the food were tasty to my taste buds. Maybe you guys should give it a try too. Not forgetting one more thing, the price I can is average. If you could pay for Secret Recipe then you definitely could pay for VIVO. Huhuhu.. Here…


Todays the 3rd day in 2010 and my resolutions aren't really making any impact. Maybe I should try harder. (hahaha). Whats the difference between 2009 & 2010? Well maybe the figure is different. Gosh I'm so damn bored now. After two days of celebrating new year, I'm totally bored & not forgetting broke too. Everything's money these days. Thats why I might be going bankrupt. Boring la!!!..