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Making a hole..LOL

I did not think that I would actually have it done, but suddenly today I had the "feeling" or "emotions" to get it done. I've been thinking bout it for sometime whether to get it done or not. After some thinking I decided to get it done. I was totally scared of getting it done, but I had it done anyway. I guess this is a new me that I'm turning into. Maybe lots of people out there might not like the new me, but you know what, I don't really care any more. I want to be myself and not someone that I have to fake all the time. So what I've done is my wish. I'm happy with it!!HUHUHU... So I'm wondering what will people say?? huhuhu

p.s.-thanks to Bell for giving me the support..hahahaha


  1. ko botakkan rambut keeeeeeeee???hhohohooo

  2. akuuu tau!
    well, no matter what..ignore je lau lau org lain x ska, s long s ure hppy with carry on..lalalala..gigiku rapuuuh...

  3. Getting it done just for the sake of getting it done? =p


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