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MV = Animal + Clinique

Was totally bored yesterday. Bored as hell although had thousands of things to do, but couldn't concentrate on any of those things. So I had a brilliant idea. Why not go "jalan-jalan". So that was what I did. Made some calls and arrangement, off I went to MV. Yesterday it was, well how do I say, full of humans at MV. Normally there ain't that much people at MV although on Saturdays but yesterday were lots. So reach just went walking and window shopping. I did get some stuff but not much. Just two items which was a perfume and a t-shirt. Isetan had a great sale but nothing interested me. So did many of the shops at MV. At MV just went walking then had my dinner at the place I always love which is PHOP. After that back to UPM. Here's some pics to share of what I bought and ate.

PHOP meal...slurpp!!

My Clinique Happy for Men..huhu

p.s.-din't shop much...
p.s.-sorry this post was suppose to be early
but had probs with the blog