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I have had a sudden urge not to do anything except in my duties as a son to my parents and to my studies. I continued my studies here not to be a slave for some other peoples needs or wants. I'm doing this to be or maybe be the provider to my family and for my future.

I have had a sudden urge not to be the person that I was anymore as before. I want to please myself and not others. I'm getting tired of people asking for this asking for that. I think they should find and have their own initiative in doing or wanting something.

I have had a sudden urge not to bother about anything anymore. I want to enjoy my time here with my true friends who I have met here. I'm having so much with them and I don't want other things to stop that.

So if see I've changed, don't ask. Let me be. I'm tired and I'm bored of everything.

p.s.-i cant wait for my practical
p.s.-i wanna have my social life


  1. sounds like u're sick n tired of being surrounded with people who keep bossing u around ...anyhoo, goodluck 4 ur internship(getting ahead of myself)


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