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Teddy From AD

So I'm posting something which is for sale!! It's called Teddy from AD. It's actually a teddy bear made from rubber clay and 100% HANDMADE!!. No faking bout that okay. It comes in different colour depending on availability of the clay. So far it's only teddy that are being made. One more thing, Teddy from AD is 100% HANDMADE by my brother Darren who is totally talented in arts. Here's a few pictures of the teddy. Description at the bottom. Anyone question just ask. If anyone's interested just let me know. Buy one now..huhuhu

Teddy from AD in the pics are cream white.
Its 1 inch tall.
Changes can be made to custom order.
Price starts at RM5.oo

p.s.-there's other characters in the process.
p.s.-hope u'll buy one..its totally adorable.
p.s.-it can be made into a keychain too.