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Tick Tock Had A Great Fall

Time: 1.00am
Date: 15 Jan 2010
Location: My bed

Seiko was a cute little fellow. He always loves to be by me all the time rain or shine. My dad bought him for me as a birthday gift for me. He wasn't all the cheap at all being priced at RM4++. I was so happy to have him. He was my total treasure. Everyday I keep him save and sound but, that day came. I couldn't protect him anymore. He was sitting on the bed. Beside my lappy comfy and a sleep. Suddenly unnoticeable, my hand swept him off the bed and dush!!! he was on the floor. I pick him up quickly but he couldn't be saved anymore. His heart stop beating. I could hear the clicks !! and the clacks !!. He's dead. He's lifeless. The cute fellow is dead. His hands were not moving. His heart was not beating. I'm in shock. Shit what I'll do without him?. I would be timeless. Here's the pics.

In memories of my watch (Seiko) LOL!!!

p.s.-shoot so will i wear now? arghh!!


  1. pernah jugak tercicir jam yang my late dad pernah bagi..jam polo plak tu..huhu~ sayang gile..cuainye..dush3~

    sampai sekarang rasa sedey..sobs3~
    same la kita AD~ situasi je laen~

  2. saje la tuh ad nak beli jam baru..da tau strategi kau...hahaha

    p/s - bateri habes la tuh..

  3. Deceased watch. How could you! =p
    Get a Gshock =p

  4. dylla-tula...syg je sob2..

    nabila-amboi..hehehe..xla mmg dah rosak birthday aku dah nak sampai pandai2 la..hehe

    paan-i did not do it on purpose..
    last time got Gshock but it did not stand the shock i gave it..haha


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