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So have you heard of VIVO American pizza & Panini ? Well I did long ago but the only problem is I did give it a try. So on one Thursday evening, me and a trio of my friends decided to have a taste at VIVO. We were at VIVO Times Square KL. The place was nice with simple modern deco and soft lighting but not that inviting (Honestly speaking). Anyway we gave it try cause the menu looks inviting. So we order some menu and drinks. We din't order pizzas cause it was to heavy for us to digest. Did we had a surprise. Honestly the food was better then good but not more then great. I'm a big fan of Western French Italian cuisine and I've tried lots of this kind of food, so far I can say VIVO is one of the good ones I've tried. The drinks were great and the food were tasty to my taste buds. Maybe you guys should give it a try too. Not forgetting one more thing, the price I can is average. If you could pay for Secret Recipe then you definitely could pay for VIVO. Huhuhu.. Here are some of the pics on the menu we ordered. Those it look tasty to you?

p.s. - a must try for food lovers...huhuhu


  1. yup best kan...this place la org anggap kita singaporean tu..hakhak

  2. ui..aku mau makan tu..!!

  3. bell-best sgt..hehehe.."hows ur drinks" "i though u were singaporeans" hahaha


    aira-baik miss aira..huhuhu


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