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Happy Chinese New Year!!!

To all my friends, families, & dear readers out there who are celebrating this coming Chinese New Year I would like to wish a very happy & prosperous Chinese New Year!!!

Nice To Own But Tough To Maintain

When I got my 1st car which is still my current car, I was so excited & happy. I couldn't believe I would actually have my own car since lot of my friends already do & some don't back in school. I would drive it here drive it there around every nook & corner of the street not having & care in the world about it. Then as months went by I suddenly realize it's not all that easy having a car. You got to keep in shape all the time and make sure it has gas to run. For the first 2 years it wasn't that bad. But as time went by the car starts giving some signs of old age although its still young coming 4 this May. Many people who borrow my car only think that by giving me back in terms of gas or cash is enough, but truly its more of the maintenance. Maintenance for a bike is like total different world compared to maintenance for a car. For example last week I just send my car for service & it cost me RM122.00. Then today I had to get my power window repaire…

Some rest...

Looks like the Chinese New Year break will be arriving shortly. Time for me to get some break from the hectic life. One week of sleep and enjoyment (maybe) for me. Finally some rest after some serious lacking of it. Holidays here I come.

Panda Eyes

What happens when you don't get your lovely sleep at night? You wake up to find your little cute eyes swollen. What happens when you sleep very late at night at wake up very early in the morning plus having dozen things to do daily? Well your eyes will become like this little cute panda.


I'm currently "suffering" from the panda eyes disease too. My once cute sweet round eyes are becoming swollen puffy back circled eyes. If I were to get one more week of total late night sleep I'll surely be like this cute panda except I won't be chewing bamboo stalks but maybe caffeine canes...LOL

p.s.-people try to avoid the panda eyes disease.
p.s.-i'm currently trying Kiehl's Eye Alert product...hope it

Luv It!!

I know its quite late to post this but just to share. Well on the 4th Feb a.k.a. my birth date, me & 10 of my friends took a drove down to Chillis Mid Valley. Plan A was to have it at T.G.I. Fridays but due to the fact that I din't reserved for a place & it was full on that day, so we shifted to Chillis which was Plan B. What was surprising to me was that the place was pack even for a week day. Maybe these days office people prefer eating out.LOL. So after 20 minutes we had our table,ordered,ate & enjoyed. After dinner I was surprised by one of the Chillis crew who presented to me a brownie top with vanilla ice-cream & a candle. Its was yummy. Then minutes later I was given another cake but this time it was by my friends (Secret Recipe my fav Choc Cheese). We were totally stuff to the bones and couldn't even eat a slice of the cake. So it was "ta pau" back. Couldn't thank them enough for the cake and the outing. Thanks for the birthday gift to Poh…

Happy Birthday A.D.

Gosh I'm officially 22 today. Growing older day by day. But luckily I'm still young internally. LOL. Haven't totally enjoyed my 21 years and now I'm in my 22's. Well how bad can 22 be right?? Today I'll be celebrating my birthday with my friends at T.G.I. Fridays..huhuhu..Its more of a get together actually. Anyways I would like to say thanks for all the wishes from friends and family all over. Love you guys always. 22!!! (Go A.D. you're 22 now so be 22!! ahaha...nah!!!) p.s.-double double double digit p.s.-busy night today and tomorrow

21 + 1 = 22

Its the 3rd of February 2010. Within the next 12 hours I'll add another figure to my age. I've not fully enjoyed my 21 years yet but now I'm entering the world of 22. 21 years has been full of ups and downs for me. I'm hoping my 22 will be full of ups and less downs. I still can't believe I'm gonna be 22 tomorrow. I've got my keys when I was 21 but what do I get when I'm 22? Well maybe I got to figure it out myself. Tomorrow I'm going to celebrate my 22nd birthday with my wonderful friends whom I cherish. Without them maybe I won't be able to survive here in UPM. They've thought me lots of things in life I need to know. I'm going to miss my 21 years (I know it sounds crappy..sooo??). Well we'll see how will 22 be like tomorrow. 2 + 2 = 22.....

no title...

Shortest post possible:

Had 2 exams and it sucks.
Having flu and sore throat and it sucks.
My body is so bloody hot plus the weather too and it sucks.
Its a busy week for me and it only sucks from Monday till Thursday morning..hahaha
Beyonce won't the most grammys and its awesome Taylor too.
Having big plans for this week cause it's a special week and its awesome.

p.s.-a proper update will be