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Luv It!!

I know its quite late to post this but just to share. Well on the 4th Feb a.k.a. my birth date, me & 10 of my friends took a drove down to Chillis Mid Valley. Plan A was to have it at T.G.I. Fridays but due to the fact that I din't reserved for a place & it was full on that day, so we shifted to Chillis which was Plan B. What was surprising to me was that the place was pack even for a week day. Maybe these days office people prefer eating out.LOL. So after 20 minutes we had our table,ordered,ate & enjoyed. After dinner I was surprised by one of the Chillis crew who presented to me a brownie top with vanilla ice-cream & a candle. Its was yummy. Then minutes later I was given another cake but this time it was by my friends (Secret Recipe my fav Choc Cheese). We were totally stuff to the bones and couldn't even eat a slice of the cake. So it was "ta pau" back. Couldn't thank them enough for the cake and the outing. Thanks for the birthday gift to Poh Cheng who gave me a pair of earrings (Poh Cheng should have bought I side will do..LOL).

Thanks to all of you for celebrating my birthday.
Present that day was: Jinggo,Ann,Pat,Akmar,Nick,Poh Cheng,Su Ann,Justing,Jun, & Skembu.

Some pics on that day....

p.s.-too bad couldn't get TGI's
p.s.-photos by me,ann,akmar & poh cheng
p.s.-the same night on 4th Feb something happen that
i won't forget (rite
p.s.-the next nite was fun too...


  1. always in my memory la AD...that nyte gonna be a good night!!!


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