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Nice To Own But Tough To Maintain

When I got my 1st car which is still my current car, I was so excited & happy. I couldn't believe I would actually have my own car since lot of my friends already do & some don't back in school. I would drive it here drive it there around every nook & corner of the street not having & care in the world about it. Then as months went by I suddenly realize it's not all that easy having a car. You got to keep in shape all the time and make sure it has gas to run. For the first 2 years it wasn't that bad. But as time went by the car starts giving some signs of old age although its still young coming 4 this May. Many people who borrow my car only think that by giving me back in terms of gas or cash is enough, but truly its more of the maintenance. Maintenance for a bike is like total different world compared to maintenance for a car. For example last week I just send my car for service & it cost me RM122.00. Then today I had to get my power window repaired & it cost me another RM110.00. Plus today I had to get my car tires changed & it cost me RM660.00. In total this month I've spend RM 892.00 on my car. These are just part of it. So like my that told me last time, " Dear son I've gotten for you this car for you to use but, you'll have to maintain it to be able to keep using it".

p.s.-luckily for the paying part i have my mum to help
p.s.-to those please don't be mad if i don't lend you my car
you'll understand why when you have your own