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Hello is this Adrian??

"Hello is this Adrian?"

"Yes I am"

"Hi I'm Sally from Maxis. I would like to inform you that we have decided to take you in as an
intern at Maxis Public Relations Department. o are you still interested?"

"Yes I am. Is there anything you need?"

"Yes. We will need your official internship letter as well as other documents which I will need you
to fill. I will email them to you. So you can start your internship in May right?"

"Yes but I'll have to confirm back with you again. Do you want me to hand in the letter
personally to you?"

"Yes because we need the original copy."

"Alright then I'll sent it to you next week."

"Ok hope to see you soon.Bye."


A conversation between me and Maxis PR executive yesterday morning. When I saw the number I had 2 things on my mind. It was either I got it or I did not. But, when she said they wanted me I so darn Happy!!! I did not expect I'll get the internship from Maxis. The interview was just so so and I wasn't counting on it at all, but I got it. I'm totally happy about it. Hurray!!! I was so worried I would not get a place cause all my other friends have gotten theirs. In the end I got mine too. The place that I wanted finally I got it. Huhuhu. Can't wait to start my internship. Kinda scared but excited as well. Maxis Communications Public Relations Department here I COME!!!!....