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Long Hiatus

Yes I'm back to blogging again. It has been such a February month for me. Tones of stuff had happened and I'm still going strong. My birthday was a blast and the after effect was a total blast too. Then came some stories along the way some lovely stories. Chinese New Year this time was truly tiring going from one place to another for four days straight. After CNY had lots very very very busy days and week until some people have said its been so long since I've seen your face although we live in the same place. (Well sometimes I prefer the comfort of my room people). Now its already March 2010. I'm still waiting for my replies from companies that I've send my resume for my practical. Hope to get some reply soon. Worries bout it like mad cows. One more thing, I officially announce that I've gain lots of weight since the start of February. I think I've gain quite a lot. My face is chubby now and I don't really like it. I want my slim face back. (LOL). So this is my first entry for March and I'm typing this entry as if I'm typing in Twitter. Weird (LOL). More updates to come I hope so. My Nuffnang's not moving. People click on the adverts ok. Thanks. Love you guys. Oh yeah I won't be doing the "p.s." thingy anymore. Too many are doing it so I'll leave it out.