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Premonition or Intuition ?

Is it premonition or intuition ? Have you ever like done, seen, or experience something that you thought you've done and been through that thing before ? Well I do. Thousands of times I've had something like that happened in my daily life. Its actually something like a dream we've dreamed and then that situation we dreamed in that dream actually happens. Thats when we will be like " I've like been through this situation before but I can't remember". It can be weird when thing of it. Sometimes I wonder, do I have 6 sense??? LOL. If I do, I'll be happy but at the same time I would rather not have it because of all the things I might see. Scaaarrryyy. Or could it be my premonition?? LOL. I would be like Phoebe from Charmed then. LOL. Dreams can be weird sometimes, sad and happy too or even dirty..LOL. But I love dreams. Time to dream nowww....LOL

Wait for more

The internet has been such a butch these days. I couldn't update much plus I couldn't even Facebook with ease. Besides now I don't have the time too cause its exam week. Totally a sucky week for me. So for now I'll just put a clip for you guys because suddenly I had a love for this song by Pixie Lott called Gravity. Love the clip for its simplicity and routine. Her voice too is totally sexy and husky. Her songs are so far okay. :) Enjoy...

What happened..

For a couple of days, I had been to two new places. One was like not that good and another was totally yummy. So what was it ?

Alright the first stop was at a place which is famous around the world. It has a 5 star (something) to its name. Its none other then Hilton (but it was Hilton PJ not KL..sigh..). So what was I doing there ? Well I was there with a few of my friends for a hang-out time together and some drinks plus also to enjoy the live-band there at UncleChilis. But honestly the band was actually boring. The music they played was great but the vocal part was, how can I say it, un-understandable. I could barely make-up what the singer was singing. (Its called mumbling for me). Truly I think The Saujana K.L. (Ara Damansara) and Rainforest (Pavillion) is much much better in terms of their live band. Besides that we left the place quite early too. It shows it wasn't good. But the people there was nice. Love the lady who served us drinks. She was so pleasant.

So the second place…

Chicken soup maybe?

What's weird is that I had a walk under the sun for a few minutes last Wednesday around 3 p.m. ++. 4 hours later what I notice was I was starting to get headaches and a little feverish. 2 hours later I was flat on the bed with my blanket on, lights off and my head on the pillow. My temperature was on the rise that night totally like I could actually cook an egg (half-boiled) on my fore head ..LOL. Luckily my friend was back later and I took some Panadols and back to sleep. So I was thinking like maybe this might be just a light fever and would be ok the next day, but I was wrong. Second day my fever was still here but only at night it would get higher. Couldn't resist anymore,so I decided to meet the doc today. I had a check-up and was given some meds. I hope these fever would faster go away. I got events to enjoy man...

Items that you need when you're suffering from fever. LOL

More Panadol

Its been so long since I've taken antibiotics

Whats weird I was given flu meds too.…

A club hit ?

So I heard this song on the radio a couple of days ago. The beat was light but cool. Lyrics simple and effective ..LOL.. It really got me going during the second time I heard it. It was totally a club song after some remix to it. The song is a collaboration between Colby O'Donis and Malaysia'a very own home grown Mizz Nina previously from the group Teh Tarik Crew. The song is called What You Waiting For and its getting some quite good rotation on the local radios. There isn't a video clip yet though but I at least here's the song for you guys to listen. Enjoy.

Tau Fu Fa (is my spelling right??)

Been so busy lately with my social activities and finding a new place to stay has kept me away from my blogging world. But now I'm back.
So my updates are:
1) Last Saturday I was a little over the edge with a glass of Long Island, a glass of liqueur, and 4
Vodka Lime. It really push me over the edge. But all was good.
2) The shifting of power. My status as a student council has been given up.
3) Traveling looking for a new place.
4) Preparing for my exams.
5) Being a social maniac.

(I don't know what I'm writing now)

Back to the topic.

So yesterday, a very tiring day, I made a trip down to Petaling Street. It has been like years since I've been there. But it was quite boring these days there. Mostly every stall sells the same item. But luckily I had the fun of walking there. It was funny to see peoples attitude and personality there.
After Petaling Street, I made my way to Mid Valley. Wanted to go to Sogo for the sale but the traffic was hell so I rather shoot south. Mid Valley i…


I've just gotten back my wings. I wonder how far can I fly this time? My wings were clipped before but now it has been released. But I don't know where to fly.
More to come soon.....

Pit Stop....Refill Yourself

My tummy was grumbling complaining to me he wants food and not just any food but delicious food too!!. So I was like 'where to eat tonight?'. Then a friend of mine gave me a suggestion. JALAN ALOR. Kuala Lumpur's most famous place for street food and basically delicious (slurrrp) food. The minute I heard he said that place, I was lets go. So 7.30pm sharp we shoot off to Jalan Alor. So at Jalan Alor, what to eat ? Too many choices boy!! So a stroll then we stop at this one stall. It's a small but fully loaded stall. They had seafood and all those stuffs. Plus its a Thai stall too. So you could bet the food would be great. And it TOTALLY WAS!!. It was pure Thai style cooked food. We had a few dishes, drinks and rice. It was the best food I've taste after so long. I'm definitely going back to that place for more. Here's some pics of what we had that night. Enjoy them sloooooowly...LOL.

This is the stall. Its a small white one. Atmosphere Thai songs. Feels like …


This post is about my post on March 4th 2010: 1 Month.

You know since I've posted these post, lots of people have been speculating that something has happened or should I say change in my life. (Laughing out loud). Honestly speaking, nothing has happened alright..LOL. That "tut" word was about me getting something for my birthday. Its not what you guys think okay..HAHAHA..Its a gadget and not a human..LOL..
I had lots of response from that post. Lots of question towards me too. But love all the questions and guesses you guys made. You guys are the best..LOL...

So that "tut" is nothing to think about right now. Maybe later I'll give some news.. :P

My fav "cartoon" I will watch on its 1st day run..

I was like going through some movies then I came across some 0f my fav cartoon. So next thing was I went on Youtube and was searching for my fav and here it is. But this is just my temporary fav..LOL for now...

Shrek the Fourth

Totally can't wait for it 'larrr'

The Big Voice Is Back

Christina Aguilera has finally release her latest single titled "Not Myself Tonight".It is the lead single from her forthcoming fourth studio album, Bionic. It's totally awhole new site of Christina and very futuristic plus the complete opposite to the songs from Back to Basics. But one thing about this song is that its kinda Britney in it. The starting maybe a little blend but as the vocals kick in the beat gets better. I'm sure it'll be a number club song. Here's the song for you guys to enjoy.

How I wish I had a Maxis or Celcom broadband now!!!!. The wireless-net here is totally getting on my nerves.....Any recommendations for a cheap but fast broadband?? GRRRrrrr...

4 Glasses but still coooooolll....

Yesterday I had the most fun since for so long I had not had any fun. I really enjoyed myself the most. At first it was quite slow but as the heat built up, so did the music and the atmosphere. The band was awesome. The music was great. They played from the 80's, 90's till now. It was truly fun. The singer was powerful and truly entertaining. Plus the people there were all friendly and nice. Although those who were there were those from the wealthy range but they were not stuck-up. The ladies and girls were beautiful to the eyes 'la'. But the one couple that I was so impressed with was these old but cuddly couple. They were the best of the best. They danced all night long even until we left the place they were still dancing. Their family were so 'happening'. The whole family dance along on the dance floor enjoying them selves all night long.
In another story for that night, it was the first-time I've drank quite a lot for one night. A lot in the sense of ty…


I prefer to call it CoTT or Clash of The Titans. Well I was so excited to watch it. Went all the way to Pavillion at 6.30pm hoping to get an early ticket. But when I got there, all was left was either 9.30pm front row or 11.30pm middle but side row. So since I was there I had no choice but to just buy the 11.30pm and watch it. Well it was the 1st day of that movie. Well so I got it bought 2 seats one for me the other for my friend. So walked round 'lepak' at Coffee Bean till 11.15pm. Then went for the show. Honestly the movie was good but not great. At least its what you expected aren't like Alice in Wonderland where your hopes were all lost for it. So back to CoTT. The movie was good. CGI were great. Love the fighting scenes and all. The movies exciting totally. But I was quite disappointed by the ending. I was hoping for a "BOOM" but it ended with a "BLURP". Maybe the director could have changed the ending a little. But overall it was good. Worth the …

Accidents do happened..

Ok honestly I have not heard of this news because I haven't been following any news. I only got to know about a serious accident from my mum yesterday. She showed the video of Youtube and I was like so shock. It was all over the news the next day. It's really scary to see. The accident happened at BHP Cheras. The man that was pumping his Proton Iswara that got hit pass away. The girl who was driving Honda Jazz who ramped into the man had blackout when the incident happened. She was said to be tryng to avoid a biker when she drove straight into the petrol station and hit the car. So here's the video that I would like to share with you guys.