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4 Glasses but still coooooolll....

Yesterday I had the most fun since for so long I had not had any fun. I really enjoyed myself the most. At first it was quite slow but as the heat built up, so did the music and the atmosphere. The band was awesome. The music was great. They played from the 80's, 90's till now. It was truly fun. The singer was powerful and truly entertaining. Plus the people there were all friendly and nice. Although those who were there were those from the wealthy range but they were not stuck-up. The ladies and girls were beautiful to the eyes 'la'. But the one couple that I was so impressed with was these old but cuddly couple. They were the best of the best. They danced all night long even until we left the place they were still dancing. Their family were so 'happening'. The whole family dance along on the dance floor enjoying them selves all night long.
In another story for that night, it was the first-time I've drank quite a lot for one night. A lot in the sense of types. Well my friend was trying to get me tipsy but I was still walking straight. LOL. I had beer,Baileys (my fav), whisky, and brandy. But the last two were hopeless. It was so light.
If you don't dance it's such a waste. So since the music was great, my legs were beating to the sound of it, so lets dance. LOL. The dance floor was opened wide for us. But after weeks of not dancing, my body couldn't take it. LOL. Aching 'la'.
That night was the best. I totally love it. Thanks to my friends who brought me there and 'belanja' too. It was a blast. So when shall we go again?? LOL.

Thanks to Evie,Rina,Mus & 2 others (u know who u r..huhu)
for a blast-ful night at The Saujana K.L.


  1. good to hear u had a good time!

    but i hope u didn't drive while u r intoxicated~ :)

  2. thanks edison..
    i truly did...

    of coz i din't drive..huhu...wouldn't risk it..


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