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Chicken soup maybe?

What's weird is that I had a walk under the sun for a few minutes last Wednesday around 3 p.m. ++. 4 hours later what I notice was I was starting to get headaches and a little feverish. 2 hours later I was flat on the bed with my blanket on, lights off and my head on the pillow. My temperature was on the rise that night totally like I could actually cook an egg (half-boiled) on my fore head ..LOL. Luckily my friend was back later and I took some Panadols and back to sleep. So I was thinking like maybe this might be just a light fever and would be ok the next day, but I was wrong. Second day my fever was still here but only at night it would get higher. Couldn't resist anymore,so I decided to meet the doc today. I had a check-up and was given some meds. I hope these fever would faster go away. I got events to enjoy man...

Items that you need when you're suffering from fever. LOL

More Panadol

Its been so long since I've taken antibiotics

Whats weird I was given flu meds too...