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I prefer to call it CoTT or Clash of The Titans. Well I was so excited to watch it. Went all the way to Pavillion at 6.30pm hoping to get an early ticket. But when I got there, all was left was either 9.30pm front row or 11.30pm middle but side row. So since I was there I had no choice but to just buy the 11.30pm and watch it. Well it was the 1st day of that movie. Well so I got it bought 2 seats one for me the other for my friend. So walked round 'lepak' at Coffee Bean till 11.15pm. Then went for the show. Honestly the movie was good but not great. At least its what you expected aren't like Alice in Wonderland where your hopes were all lost for it. So back to CoTT. The movie was good. CGI were great. Love the fighting scenes and all. The movies exciting totally. But I was quite disappointed by the ending. I was hoping for a "BOOM" but it ended with a "BLURP". Maybe the director could have changed the ending a little. But overall it was good. Worth the price. P.s. if you were to catch this movie don't be surprise if it was like some other movies you've watched because its actually the same but different story line. It's almost the same as Percy Jackson's Lightning Thief or Hercules. But I do recommend you guys to catch it.