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Pit Stop....Refill Yourself

My tummy was grumbling complaining to me he wants food and not just any food but delicious food too!!. So I was like 'where to eat tonight?'. Then a friend of mine gave me a suggestion. JALAN ALOR. Kuala Lumpur's most famous place for street food and basically delicious (slurrrp) food. The minute I heard he said that place, I was lets go. So 7.30pm sharp we shoot off to Jalan Alor. So at Jalan Alor, what to eat ? Too many choices boy!! So a stroll then we stop at this one stall. It's a small but fully loaded stall. They had seafood and all those stuffs. Plus its a Thai stall too. So you could bet the food would be great. And it TOTALLY WAS!!. It was pure Thai style cooked food. We had a few dishes, drinks and rice. It was the best food I've taste after so long. I'm definitely going back to that place for more. Here's some pics of what we had that night. Enjoy them sloooooowly...LOL.

This is the stall. Its a small white one. Atmosphere Thai songs. Feels like you're in Thailand..LOL

Thai coconut a must when you have your meals. Especially spicy food.

Chicken & mushroom Thai style tom-yam. Its totally Thai with coconut milk.

Bamboo clams fried with dried chili with spring onions plus dried prawns. My FAV!!

"Kangkong" fried with prawn paste. Lovely.

Thai style grilled ray fish. This is the best dish.

Almost done with all the dishes...HEHEHE

Don't these food look tempting and delicious?? LOL You guys should try them.


  1. ish~ come to alor never inform me :( i'm nearby.... :P


  2. haha u work there or what? mana i tau..haha


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