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Premonition or Intuition ?

Is it premonition or intuition ? Have you ever like done, seen, or experience something that you thought you've done and been through that thing before ? Well I do. Thousands of times I've had something like that happened in my daily life. Its actually something like a dream we've dreamed and then that situation we dreamed in that dream actually happens. Thats when we will be like " I've like been through this situation before but I can't remember". It can be weird when thing of it. Sometimes I wonder, do I have 6 sense??? LOL. If I do, I'll be happy but at the same time I would rather not have it because of all the things I might see. Scaaarrryyy. Or could it be my premonition?? LOL. I would be like Phoebe from Charmed then. LOL. Dreams can be weird sometimes, sad and happy too or even dirty..LOL. But I love dreams. Time to dream nowww....LOL


  1. i also want that kind of power...charmed!!! yes it


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