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Tau Fu Fa (is my spelling right??)

Been so busy lately with my social activities and finding a new place to stay has kept me away from my blogging world. But now I'm back.
So my updates are:
1) Last Saturday I was a little over the edge with a glass of Long Island, a glass of liqueur, and 4
Vodka Lime. It really push me over the edge. But all was good.
2) The shifting of power. My status as a student council has been given up.
3) Traveling looking for a new place.
4) Preparing for my exams.
5) Being a social maniac.

(I don't know what I'm writing now)

Back to the topic.

So yesterday, a very tiring day, I made a trip down to Petaling Street. It has been like years since I've been there. But it was quite boring these days there. Mostly every stall sells the same item. But luckily I had the fun of walking there. It was funny to see peoples attitude and personality there.
After Petaling Street, I made my way to Mid Valley. Wanted to go to Sogo for the sale but the traffic was hell so I rather shoot south. Mid Valley is a place I always love although its quite dull there for me now. So I went shopping for my coming internship. I bought 4 shirts from Padini. Nice colours and some ther items too. Seriously yesterday I was totally di-energize from all the walking and eating too.. LOL.

Here's some pics to share. These post is kinda dull right?? LOL.

Petaling Street people!!

The Street...

Soya bean it...

Tau Fu of the best in KL okay!!

The famous soya bean stall in KL

Tun Mahathir was here too (but last time lar..)

The name of the stall!!

That was all bout PS now here's another place.

The set meat.

Chicken fried with dried chili and don't know what else.

Lotus root soup. Slurp.

Rice with some minced meat.

Some side dish complete with the set.

These restaurant is located in The Gardens level 2. Its name is something Taiwan bla-bla.


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