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What happened..

For a couple of days, I had been to two new places. One was like not that good and another was totally yummy. So what was it ?

Alright the first stop was at a place which is famous around the world. It has a 5 star (something) to its name. Its none other then Hilton (but it was Hilton PJ not KL..sigh..). So what was I doing there ? Well I was there with a few of my friends for a hang-out time together and some drinks plus also to enjoy the live-band there at UncleChilis. But honestly the band was actually boring. The music they played was great but the vocal part was, how can I say it, un-understandable. I could barely make-up what the singer was singing. (Its called mumbling for me). Truly I think The Saujana K.L. (Ara Damansara) and Rainforest (Pavillion) is much much better in terms of their live band. Besides that we left the place quite early too. It shows it wasn't good. But the people there was nice. Love the lady who served us drinks. She was so pleasant.

So the second place was a fish farm made into a food heaven. The place is located deep in a private land area in the Hulu Langat district. A precaution: If you have a 4x4 please drive it and go early. Its a place fully filled with humans moving in and out of that area. Its a place famous for its seafood and freshwater food. Atmosphere is lovely with huts build around a lake for food-hunters too indulge in their meal. The place is own by a Chinese-Thai owner and you can aspect some Thai influence in their dishes. They have a vast variety of menu but you gotta get there early to get the best. Their mud crabs is to die for. Plus they have my fav there too. Grilled fish with salt. DELICIOUS. Its totally a place not to be missed. You won't regret it.

- Pics are for illusion purposes only. Originals had been corrupted (shit).