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1st week..

Alright my 1st week of internship out of 20 has just been completed. It was a busy week but not really all that busy, but busy in certain ways not all ways.LOL. It was fun doing internship. I feel like a real worker like all those other Malaysians working out there. But it was a truly tiring week. Maybe my biological time is not used to it yet, like every morning I'll have to rise at 5.30 am and be out of the house by 6.30 am to catch the train (KTM) which is always late and never on time at 7.00 am actually but I'll only board the train at 7.30 am. Then I'll have to catch another train (Putra) which is always and the best, on time at 8.00 am. 8.15 am I'll be having my breakfast then at 8.45 am I'll be in the office to start my work. That's my daily routine. After one week only, I can feel the boredom. I'll have to go through it for like 5 months. Working life is totally not fun. Boring and tiring. Its no wonder working people will say they rather study then work. No I know.
So far internship at Maxis PR Department at Menara Maxis has been good although its just one week. Lots of stuff I've learned and did but most of it are internal. I would prefer more external jobs but luckily for me I'll be getting it soon. Huhuhu. Next week I'll be in Kuching for the Maxis FIFA World Cup event thingy. Just my second week there and I'm given the opportunity to travel "Overseas"..LOL. Can't wait for next week! Kuching here I come!!