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I Want More!!

Its been a busy week for me or I could say it was almost busy till I hadn't much time for sleep. Well with all the moving around I still enjoy my week at least.

Monday - Wednesday

So the week started of with me preparing stuff or media stuff for a Maxis event in Kuching which was about Maxis FIFA World Cup 2010. There wasn't much stuff that I had to bring but mostly the important documents and all. So the next day I had to fly to Kuching. (Yes I'm out of the office!!) at 11.50 am with MAS on a 1 hour 45 minute flight. The journey to Kuching was great on the plane at least where there wasn't much people. Meaning I had the whole row of seat to myself. (LOL). (Next about Kuching) . The journey back wasn't that good. There were some stewardess who were I could call a bunch of butches in serving passengers.
You know when you are on a business trip, you'll get lots of advantages and Yes I had them too. I had a lovely stay in Kuching although it was for one night only. I stayed at the Hilton Kuching and I can tell you it was truly like a holiday for me and not work. It was like 30% work and 70% holiday for me. About Kuching, I was expecting more since it was my first time there, but it was a place not for a person like me. The wasn't any life other then night life (which I couldn't enjoy) in this cat city. My recommendation, try travelling out of Kuching like villages and stuff. There are lots of stuff I would like to share but I rather share pictures. Did not had the time to take much but these few might help. LOL. Kuching overall was fun.
Here are the pictures from some of my album on Kuching.
The flight MH2510 - KL to Kuching

The Hilton

The room

Paper match

So its the room. Two beds just for me.

View #1 from the room.

View #2.

View #3.

You can't miss a shot with the huge mirror in the bath can you?

A 'sampan' at waterfront.

A monument.

There were few monuments along the waterfront stretch.

The mosque.

A view of Kuching city facing the river.

A place to hang-out and shop.

The room after a day in Kuching.

There was quite a lot of belongings there.

Messy messy.

A sunset view from the room.

Another sunset view.

Dinner time at famous tourist spot.

The food stalls.

Seafood is a must here.

You have lots of variety here.

The crowd comes in later at night.

In the lift leaving the hotel.

Waiting for my flight back to KL.

Took the train back home.

Need and spacious.

But so quiet.