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Can you spell the word 'S' ?

Everyone was buzz-ing about the new gadget coming out. It's so this it's so that. Online tech sites were going a blaze about it. Finally after the quite long (not sure how long la) the gadget was officially launch. The story goes like this (eheemm ehem).

Recently Samsung launched their phone called the Galaxy S in Malaysia and last but not least I was there too!!. It was so cool to be at the launching of something which was quite grand I guess. I mean it has to be grand because from what I heard the flew the managing director of Samsung into Malaysia just to launch the phone. So, the launch was okla but nothing to shout. There was some technical errors during the launch and I can say its quite 'memalukan' for the brand. But lets put that aside shall we.

About the phone. Well all I can is, its by far a phone which is much much better then other phones out there. The screen is awesome. (I'm lovin' it). The specs were great. Apps were great. Overall its great. Obviously it can't be compared to the iPhone 4 but at least its one of the cool awesome ones. You know I'm not quite good at giving my 'opinion' on gadgets because I'm not a 'freak' for it, but I know a good one when I see and feel one.

But for the event, it was a 'cool' launch. One thing I must say, the models they used to stand by the registration area and for the arrival of the VIPs are quite, how do I say 'funny'. LOL. The emcee was Daphne Iking (correct spelling ar?). She's pretty but...... The location of the launch was like 'I'm lovin' it' at Rootz Club, Lot 10. Atmosphere was totally 'I'm clubbing now dude'.

Nothing much else to say bout the launch but it was great to be there. Here are some pics to critic. (sorry the pics are not arrange prop)

There's a video of the launch I wanna upload but its too big in size. Will upload ASAP.


  1. Eyt, tell us la, what was the 'technical errors'~ love to hear =)
    Btw no free phones? >_<

  2. You know, I think in K5 you don't get this kind of technical errors.

    Got 2 for lucky draw only. But everyone was given a chance to feel, touch and play with the phone.


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