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I need a laptop..ASAP

Since my laptop went into a coma for the last 1 and a 1/2 months ago, I've been in grief since then. My sweet darling of 3 and 1/2 years is slowly floating away. (So sad...get the feeling?) It was suppose to go under the knife sometime this month but a date can't be set yet. I think maybe there's no hope. I got to let you go. I must. I shall. Because......

I want to get a new laptop!! LOL.

Ok. My dad did not object my idea in getting a Mac Pro but he just said that there wasn't much programs that can work with it. (That I know) So does that mean I have a chance in getting it? Then was thinking of a Sony Vaio (correct spelling?) but my mum said why don't I take hers since its still new and Vaio too. (Love too but I would prefer a new one which was my choice..LOL I'm so picky..hermmm). But she did said maybe I should just get a new one because if repairing the old one will sooner or later bring big problems too in the end.

What brand to get with the right price and right specs? Lots of searching to do.....


  1. Hey A.D~
    MacPro: Not much use unless you're into graphics.
    VAIO: Well, expensive but for everyday users =p

  2. the usual one laa AD..hehe..

  3. paan-yeah ur rite.....saw the new bout Acer?

    Hirzie-what is the usual one?

  4. Acer? Cheap, good, has lots of outlets, well-known, what more can you ask? =p


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