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Remember that time when you walk pass that restaurant a million times but never gave it a try? Well I had that experience. So I was at The Curve one day and was walking round looking for a great place to have lunch. First I thought of The Apartment. But that day it was not suitable for it. Then there was all those oldtown kopitiams, but still not for it. Then what about Tony Romas??!!!. Nah... I can't eat that much beef. McD?? Gosh no!! Then what shall I eat? Walking round and round then suddenly I thought of it. "Hye. Why not we go for shrimps?" My idea as usually (bragging) are always awesome. It was 'Bubba Gump'.
A restaurant which specialist in shrimps from A to Z. The great thing about it is that the whole theme of the place is based on the movie 'Forest Gump' (is the spelling gum or gump? ). So there was 5 of us and the meals were great not awesome though. The taste is there but certain menu maybe is not to our taste buts althought western dishes are entirely what we love and crave. The place is worth a try for every food lover. A kind reminder, make sure the $$$ is there. LOL. Here are some pics to for you guys to crave.
P.s. - not all menu were taken pics. Call of my stomach was to great that time. LOL
Guys read this...

Will you get married?

Love this phrase

Menu #1 - Salmon something something

Menu #2 - Chicken something something

Menu #3 - Rice something something

Menu #4 - Chicken & Beef something something

Prawn #1

Prawn #2

Prawn #3

Prawn #4

The prawn menu that's what they are famous for

4 different taste to it

BlueBerry something something

If you want the waiters attention flip this

If you want the waiter to buzz off flip this

3/4 of the menu are shrimps

Lovely portrait


  1. Ahaha interesting~ especially the RUN FORREST RUN sign =p

  2. I didn't realise about the sign until the waiter told me to stop playing with it cause it will confuse them whether to stop or to walk. LOL


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