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Today was the worst day since I've started taking KTM again since last month. With all the news about buying new coaches and upgrading of their services, but KTM is still not doing what they say. Its like they are saying those stuff so that people who uses the KTM will continue using it. If people were given a choice either to take the car or train, people would say they rather drive then take KTM. The one thing KTM is famous for is never being on time. Theres always the announcer informing that the time of the arrival of the train has been delay. The delay would go up till one hour. With so much delay it cost the amount of people to build-up like 'hell'. There's always the part where certain citizen are totally uncivilised and be pushing and pulling just trying to make it into the train. Plus to the ladies, when there's the 'Women Coach' please use it. It's all for you unless you want to go 'touched' by some guy.