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Daily lives

Since I've started my internship (as you know) I've been traveling daily via public transport (only LRT..not others..). Every time, may it be going or coming from work, I've notice lots of funny and sometimes wierd characters or doing that people do. The first thing is, when they enter the train,, they'll only stick to places near the entrance or the door. They would move to the middle and rather get stuck and stink by not moving. (is there some kind of mental prob?? LOL). Then there's the part where they will look at you and like saying,"Don't look at me ok. I don't like to be looked."LOL. Funny. (I rather be looked at atleast you exist..hhaha). There's also this situation I find more interesting. It's the most common. "Ring ring", the phone rings and he/she answers it. The first thing they say is, "I'm in the train". You know, automatically, the call dies and the phone is placed back in the pocket. Majority of the…

Is it possible ?

Something had happened. It ain't the first time it happen. It's making me want to stop it all.

What the song says it might be true...

1 2 3 you're complicating me

Can you spell the word 'complicated' for me? Yeah you did it! Love ya!

Why are humans so complicating and complicated? I'm complicating and complicated too. I won't say I'm not though.

They can become so complicated and complicating till I can't understand what is so complicating. It takes one thing to make things

complicated and complicating for all. So how do you solve this complicating and complicated problems? Well for me it's pretty simple.

Just shut it all off. LOL. It's not the best but it diffinetlly helps. I know a lot of people who just too complicating and complicated to

understand until it makes you just wanna like "Well I don't wanna get to complicated with you..tada". Everything can be made un-complicating

and un-complicated if you only make it that way. Otherwise, nah you'll be stuck!. Even loving someone it's totally utterly complicated

and complicating.....

Jason Derulo Live In Kuala Lumpur

Finally I've managed to post bout the Jason Derulo Live In KL. After so much trouble trying to get the pictures up, now they are. LOL. The mini-live concert or I should called it a more of a showcase was held at the Dragonfly club. (The place is quite famous among certain 'groups').

The main question, how did I get the passes? Well from Hotlink. Thanksss!! LOL. (LUV free stuff).

So skipping all the bla & bu bu, Jason Derulo was definitely different in picture and in real. (His bigger in real LOL). The 'showcase' was "okla". He sang 6 to 7 songs with 1 was JT's song. Honestly most of the time he wasn't really singing. He was concentrating more on his moves which, man he is really good at it. He can slide, turn, sleep, up, down, front and back just like that. (I wanna dance like him la...) His singing live was ok ok. Not everybody can sing live like MC right??. The girls surely loved him. HAHA Which girl or guy wouldn't I think. So I or we di…

Need to slow down..

Damn this week I've been extremely hectic. I've been rushing with deadlines, dates, plus appointments. Gotta try to keep my bloggie updated. :)
I need more sleep seriously. Darn tired not sure why.
Will update soonest....

Then there was FOUR

So everybody is talking about the iPhone 4 when its gonna be out, who's gonna bring it in and all the bla bla bla.(Well I'm one them LOL) And today finallyyyy there's some news on it about when is the iPhone gonna reach our shores.(but not sure bout the date yet) From what I've known, it might be pweettyyyy sooooonnn. How I know? Well first both Maxis and Digi has put up a registration of interest page for the phone on their sites.Heres the view of the sites. (Click on the pics to the sites)
Who Rules??
Second, well let just say I know larrrr....Also the iPhone definitely will be in Malaysia. Because both Maxis(see 8 June 2010) and DiGi have released press release about it. So?? Its gonna be a tough fight for Maxis and DiGi of who's gonna be the #1 telco to launch the phone. I think Maxis will be the first to launch it since it never wants to be 2nd in anything. (its good ma). The iPhone 4 might come in August. Who knowsss???

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Official Trailer

C. S. Lewis famous book is soon back on the silver screen. The 3rd part of The Chronicles of Narnia is back with a new one, 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". Looks very much exciting and filled with adventure. Hopes it is as great as its trailer and not like The Golden Compass which was kind of sad. Here's the new trailer for a glimpse.


Today is another day in my life where it becomes unlucky. So as usual I was on my way to work from my house to the train station in BTS. Drove to the parking area, open the window, paid RM4 then drove to the parking spot. As I drove I press the 'up' button to close the driver's side of the window. But something happens. The window won't go up. The window is either stuck or something else. I parked my car and tried the closing the window. It won't move. SHOOT!!!. Thought to myself, "Why must it happened today? Why always on a Monday?". So had no choice, I SMS-ed my supervisors and inform them of my situation and won't be able to attend work. (I wonder what will they say since I've missed work for 2 days this month for emergencies and all are on a Monday?...hye it's not my fault K.) Then wanted to drive back to my place but the jam was like hell. So drove back to my parents place where there was a mechanic which did my window before. When there, c…


I can figure out what title to put for this post actually.Why? Because I'm out of topic. LOL. Actually just wanna leave it empty. (Feeling ma).

How many of you guys out there who takes public transport (PT) to work everyday? I bet gizillion of you right? Well if you're person who does as me, you'll be CURSE-ing everyday at people who you'll have to bump, push, SMACK, swear, knock and KICK just to get on-board the train or bus. PT users can be HELL of a pain sometimes. The worse comes when its during the end of the day. They're just ASS-es holes... (Oppppsss...) so afraid they can't make it back home. Sometimes you'll be thinking that they'll be more CIVILIZE enough to think but oh man!! they are bloody not!!. Its bad enough the PT service ain't that good but when you include users who are just jack-@$$ it makes things a hell lot "better". But there are some who are just angels until you just wanna take a smack at them. LOL. Before you'r…

Million dollar dish...

The World Cup's over and Spain for the 1st time managed to lift the cup. (Wonder when will the Malaysian team get to touch it??..LOL). Who could have predicted that Spain would have won the World Cup? Well there's one that could. You could say luck or you could say its a real miracle but who knows right?? With 8 legs (the long thing with like suction cups...LOL) and 8 consecutive prediction that were true, how could PAUL not be famous? An octopus called 'Paul the Oracle Octopus' made world news with its prediction which all were totally true. So what do get with all that fame you have built? Well for Paul it means millions of dollar cashing on him (is it a him or her or both??). Due to worldwide debut and success, dear Paul could at least cash in some $4.5 million dollar in endorsements. Who say you can't be rich eventhough you're a "sotong" ?. LOL.

I think you might be seeing a new toy for McD's Happy Meal.
Wonder how got Paul would taste if he was…

What is your first thought?

OMG. How could he wear that?

Is she trying to get a gizillion attention?

Hehehe (force laugh) Its so nice...

Ya you look ok la..


What the hell is that?

You look so so so...(sudden silence)

...............................(no words)

He is so handsome!!

Shoot man. She is damn gorgeous!!

Don't ask me don't ask me

Should I talk or not?

Come here come here....

So this are some (read I say some...LOL) of my first thoughts when I meet someone or just looking at someone or just staring at someone or just dreaming of someone or just ignoring someone or just......lalalalala. Sometimes all this thoughts can be preeeetty stup or

What are your first thoughts huh???

p.s. - got nothing great to post today.LOLX..

According To You, "I'm hip, I'm cool, I'm A.D."

I think I might have got this news kinda late. But who cares right??? LOL I'm still gonna post it.

Who's next that's coming to town? Well she's been on the set of MJ's suppose to be come back concert and she has event traded solo with Carlos Santana. She's the talk of the town and looks kinda Avril Lavinge. She's pretty good at 'fingering' and 'flickering' on strings. Plus she's made a cool hot single, "According To You". I think you might be able to figure out who she is. Orianthi is coming to KL people!!!...

The 25 year old from South Australia will be stringing her stuff on 4th August at 8p.m. She will be at the KL Live @ 1st Floor, Live Centre, 20, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. Truly, I must go see her.

A hermmm.. Can someone be a gentleman or gentlewoman and sponsor me a pair of tickets to see her? pweeety pweeety pweasseeee...LOL

1 till 10...

1. Look myself in the mirror

2. Think to myself

3. Dream of my future

4. Praise myself for who I am

5. Change myself for the better

6. Love the ones I love

7. Thank you for another day right here

8. Being strong to face the world

9. Never look back

10. I am going to be me

I didn't manage to catch.....

I've missed the chance to catch one of the best singer on the planet (for me la) "Usher". He just made his debut in Malaysiayesterday which is on a weekday!. Why weekday lar..? Well maybe the singers diary were to packed. So what can I do? Just got toaccept the fact. I couldn't catch him because of work...SOBS2. I wonder will I get another chance for other singers? lol.The worst thing: when I went to Rock Corner to get some CDs I heard someone buying the tics to catch the concert. I was so lalalalala....Well nevermind la. Theres always next time right???
So moving on, now theres 2 more singers who will be making their debut here as well.
The first is Jason Derulo (is Derulo spelled like that?) famous for the song "In My Head" which has the loud breathing soundat certain parts of the song.
Then the second singer who's coming to town is Charice (the one who appeared of Oprah!). Her song "Piramid" is currently (quite long actually) making waves on …

To a Friend

Ok this entry to someone who've I knew for many many years (sounds so long and old..LOL). So he is also called (by me) 'butch-a'. Well its because of his crazy lazy character. LOL. He total funny and always the very D.x.x.A person but his a great friend.

Message to him:

Oiiii...take your MUET early and become my junior in UPM la...why go Monash...LOL

Belanja me Twillight (spelling check please) then I'll take you to watch it..

I'm sure you're reading this post by now. Luckily nobody knows who you are. Wouldn't want to increase your popularity.. hahahaha