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1 2 3 you're complicating me

Can you spell the word 'complicated' for me? Yeah you did it! Love ya!

Why are humans so complicating and complicated? I'm complicating and complicated too. I won't say I'm not though.

They can become so complicated and complicating till I can't understand what is so complicating. It takes one thing to make things

complicated and complicating for all. So how do you solve this complicating and complicated problems? Well for me it's pretty simple.

Just shut it all off. LOL. It's not the best but it diffinetlly helps. I know a lot of people who just too complicating and complicated to

understand until it makes you just wanna like "Well I don't wanna get to complicated with you..tada". Everything can be made un-complicating

and un-complicated if you only make it that way. Otherwise, nah you'll be stuck!. Even loving someone it's totally utterly complicated

and complicating.....


  1. err.. no comment on the post..
    cos dun want to COMPLICATE my ;p

  2. haha....better don't or you'll be very complicated too..

  3. Hahaha, I totally feel ya on this one!!

  4. hope you're not complicated too...


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