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Daily lives

Since I've started my internship (as you know) I've been traveling daily via public transport (only LRT..not others..). Every time, may it be going or coming from work, I've notice lots of funny and sometimes wierd characters or doing that people do. The first thing is, when they enter the train,, they'll only stick to places near the entrance or the door. They would move to the middle and rather get stuck and stink by not moving. (is there some kind of mental prob?? LOL). Then there's the part where they will look at you and like saying,"Don't look at me ok. I don't like to be looked."LOL. Funny. (I rather be looked at atleast you exist..hhaha). There's also this situation I find more interesting. It's the most common. "Ring ring", the phone rings and he/she answers it. The first thing they say is, "I'm in the train". You know, automatically, the call dies and the phone is placed back in the pocket. Majority of them I've seen, they'll do that. LOL. Is there something wrong like talking in a train? All I know is you can't talk and drive but I sure know you can talk and stand...LOL. There's so much more that you'll get to see in the daily lives of working Malaysians. Some are really funny ones. The best one to witness is those who sleeps in train and suddenly awakens or there are those who even can dream in their sleep. LOL.

But the good thing is, at least these people make my day much brighter although there are some who are just a pain in the arseeee...


  1. agree agree..
    i like to observe ppl whe i was in LRT too.. its just quite entertaining .. and sometimes do a bit of hunting ;p

  2. i get the entertaining part..
    whats about the "hunting" part?? LOL

  3. i rarely take public transport so i cant say much. but i do do people watching when i was in singapore :P


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