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I can figure out what title to put for this post actually.Why? Because I'm out of topic. LOL. Actually just wanna leave it empty. (Feeling ma).

How many of you guys out there who takes public transport (PT) to work everyday? I bet gizillion of you right? Well if you're person who does as me, you'll be CURSE-ing everyday at people who you'll have to bump, push, SMACK, swear, knock and KICK just to get on-board the train or bus. PT users can be HELL of a pain sometimes. The worse comes when its during the end of the day. They're just ASS-es holes... (Oppppsss...) so afraid they can't make it back home. Sometimes you'll be thinking that they'll be more CIVILIZE enough to think but oh man!! they are bloody not!!. Its bad enough the PT service ain't that good but when you include users who are just jack-@$$ it makes things a hell lot "better". But there are some who are just angels until you just wanna take a smack at them. LOL. Before you're poured with stress at work, you're already filled with stress from traveling. LOLX.....

FUH!!!!... So my advise, be like them too. Never be to kind when you're using PT to other PT users unless they're Uncle,Aunty,Pak Cik, Mak Cik, or if you think they deserved it. P.S. some old folks can be real GANAS too okay... GO GO mak cik...LOL


  1. i am so glad that i dun have to take public transport..
    but still face the same problem.. when i take lifts, escalator, etc..
    its just everywhere la ;p

  2. Danny you're damn lucky...
    its true...EVERYWHERE..


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