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I didn't manage to catch.....

I've missed the chance to catch one of the best singer on the planet (for me la) "Usher". He just made his debut in Malaysiayesterday which is on a weekday!. Why weekday lar..? Well maybe the singers diary were to packed. So what can I do? Just got toaccept the fact. I couldn't catch him because of work...SOBS2. I wonder will I get another chance for other singers? lol.The worst thing: when I went to Rock Corner to get some CDs I heard someone buying the tics to catch the concert. I was so lalalalala....Well nevermind la. Theres always next time right???

So moving on, now theres 2 more singers who will be making their debut here as well.

The first is Jason Derulo (is Derulo spelled like that?) famous for the song "In My Head" which has the loud breathing soundat certain parts of the song.

Then the second singer who's coming to town is Charice (the one who appeared of Oprah!). Her song "Piramid" is currently (quite long actually) making waves on the local radios.

Where will they be? Well for one thing, both of them will be at Dragonfly (formerly Orange) which is quite a nice and BIG club. Jason will be performing on the 21 while Charice will be on the 25. (Dates quite out.LOL)

So will you go? Will I go? Don't know la.. But currently thinking about it. Maybe it could be a good idea to relax and hear some great songs LIVE. A good stress relieve technique. LOL


  1. Dude, take me with you to see Jason DeRulo >_< huhuuu~

  2. can...u buy tics i drive there...hehehe...


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