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Its not ABC

Actually I don't intend to say anything about my work place but I think I must now. So as all of you know, I’m currently doing my internship in a ‘famous’ company and it’s a big one too. Sometimes I kinda regretted why did I choose to enter this company. Maybe its not because of the company but mainly the people in it.

The real story today is about someone who’s trying to be BOSSYYYYYY!!!!.
When I entered this company as an intern, I was place under a manager’s supervision. He’s totally a great man and easy going. He’s a great supervisor. But the problem starts here.

See there’s this women who is only a senior executive for the department. She is not my supervisor nor should she be giving me work. Due to my supervisor being a little too busy at times, he allowed that women to give me duties. At first I was alright with it, but as time goes by, she gets a little overboard. She used to give like, 1 or 2 of her work to me, but now she’s giving all of her work to me. There are times when she could even sleep in the office because she has nothing to do!!. Hye common, I maybe an intern but I’m not your servant!! I can’t complaint right or my grades will be affected. So I just let it be. Besides that, during my first week, she used to say, “If you got better or more effective ways of doing things which is better for the team, then do it”. So I did manage to get better ways or find better techniques, but when I submit it to her, she’ll go like “Why didn’t you follow the old format I gave? Or why did you do this? Why did you do that?”. It makes me nuts when she says that. You want innovation and I give you innovation and you tell me do it the classic way. OMG!!

The problem I think with her is, because she is the lowest ranking staff for that department, she always get orders from other managers to do stuff. So due to that, she pushes the interns around because she can’t be pushing the managers right?. Another thing about her is, she is very afraid when I know someone that she doesn’t know from other departments or when I’m close to the ‘outside people’ and she’s not. She should blame her self for being so ‘skema’ oriented. One more thing, she does things so slow when if it was other people, it would be done within minutes.

Seriously I can’t wait to end my internship here. The company is great and other people are but it’s only her who’s making my days here like a ‘dog poo’.

So what I’m doing now is just, ‘Yes’. ‘No’, ‘Ok’, ‘Think So’, and ‘I’ll Try’. I think she should get a real life. I also call her 'a granny in a lady'..LOL!!

p.s. – This is facts of life. It must be written in words.


  1. as long as u know that u r better then her.. :)
    its just for few months rite? treat it as doing charity la ..cheers :)

  2. I won't say I want to be better then her but she needs some changes...
    luckly few months.. :D
    love doing charity.. LOL
    well thanks DAnny :)


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