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Jason Derulo Live In Kuala Lumpur

Finally I've managed to post bout the Jason Derulo Live In KL. After so much trouble trying to get the pictures up, now they are. LOL. The mini-live concert or I should called it a more of a showcase was held at the Dragonfly club. (The place is quite famous among certain 'groups').

The main question, how did I get the passes? Well from Hotlink. Thanksss!! LOL. (LUV free stuff).

So skipping all the bla & bu bu, Jason Derulo was definitely different in picture and in real. (His bigger in real LOL). The 'showcase' was "okla". He sang 6 to 7 songs with 1 was JT's song. Honestly most of the time he wasn't really singing. He was concentrating more on his moves which, man he is really good at it. He can slide, turn, sleep, up, down, front and back just like that. (I wanna dance like him la...) His singing live was ok ok. Not everybody can sing live like MC right??. The girls surely loved him. HAHA Which girl or guy wouldn't I think. So I or we did enjoy it although it started LATE as usual. (It says 7pm but 8.45pm it started and ended at 9.25pm). The best thing that night, we taken snaps by Hitzfm and Hot Magazine. (Yeah!!! striking the best post). It was posted of their FB and

Now I'm trying to get Orianthi passes too!!.. Hoping to get them!! (Which me luck...)

Oh yeah..Pics of Jason Deruloooooo and us down there...there la scroll down...LOL

3 Ladies

The Gang

The backdrop...kinda simple

The Place was packed..

JJ & Ean (Am right??) were the emcess

Another shot of them.


Jason Derulo appears..

Cool dance moves

The girl that made all other girls "smoked up" LOL

She had a hug...aww...

Crazy as always

Group shot!!